Some good news

Climate change, extinction of species, de-forrestation, multi-resistent germs, chemical warfare and so on. The media – also science-based – is  full of bad news.

This is the reason I wanted to write about good news in science for a start. There are some good news out there, but we often fail to click on them and share them as often as we do with the bad ones.

So, here it comes, the good news of the day.


Solar power is becoming cheaper than electricity generated from fossil fuels!

In the end of 2016, unsubsidized solar power projects have been able to outcompete coal and natural gas for the first time. And guess what? The cost for solar panels will continue to fall. Wind energy is becoming cheaper too, but at a lower speed.

This means investments in renewable energy projects are no longer only for Green Party members, but a real alternative for profit-orientated companies and billionaires. This can accelerate the expansion of solar and wind power plants. Especially developing countries could profit from this development to build and extend their national power grids. Here is another great aspect: Solar and wind power plants create more jobs than their fossil fuel counter parts!

Unlike coal and natural gas, oil will most likely not be replaced as quickly since airplanes and the vast majority of cars run on oil-derived fuels. It is also necessary to make products based on plastics. But if we eventually switch over to electric cars, most of our oil production could become redundant like coal and gas. This would leave us with cleaner air and quieter cities, not a bad prospect, is it?

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