Best of Current Science Documentaries

From dinosaurs to the Solar System, here is a guide to the best Science documentaries on Netflix and BBC iPlayer right now.


Science and Technology

  • Revolutions: From the car to the robot, this series takes you through humanity’s greatest inventions and their history.
  • Apollo 11: This documentary explores the adventure of the first moon landing with recently rediscovered original footage.
  • Mission Control: From flight doctor to IT, this film highlights the importance of the jobs on the ground during the moon landings.
  • The Universe: Explore the secrets of the universe in this series which also teaches you about the latest discoveries.

Nature and Natural History

  • Walking with Dinosaurs: Dive into the world of dinosaurs as they come to life in this series.
  • Night on Earth: This nature series’ new technology lifts the darkness and reveals the lives of animals at night.
  • The Tigers of Scotland: This film tells you about the life of the endangered Scottish wild cats.
  • A Plastic Ocean: This documentary investigates the environmental impacts of plastic pollution on animals living in the ocean.

BBC iPlayer

Science and Technology

  • Chemistry – A Volatile History: This series shows the breakthroughs that made it possible to harness elements and compounds.
  • Shock and Awe: This series takes you through the history of electricity and the latest discoveries in the field of electricity and magnetism.
  • The Planets: Professor Brian Cox takes you to the origins of our Solar System and its planets, from Mercury to Neptune and even Pluto.

Nature and Environment

  • War on Plastic: This documentary explains how you can reduce your use of plastics to help the environment.
  • Seven Worlds, One Planet: This series takes you to each continent and shows you how its animals live.
  • Forces of Nature: Professor Brian Cox explains how natural events create Earth’s beauty.
  • Dynasties: From tigers to penguins, this series follows endangered species that fight for their survival.


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