Home Experiment: Colour Changing Celery

You will need

  • 2 tall, clear glasses or jars
  • Knife
  • Food colouring (you choose the colour)
  • 2 long celery sticks
  • Water

What to do

  1. Fill two tall, clear glasses with water.
  2. Put 3 – 4 drops of food colouring in each glass.
  3. Wash two long celery sticks.
  4. Use the knife to cut the bottom 3 cm and top 5 cm off each celery sticks.
  5. Place one celery stick into a glass of coloured water immediately. There should be at least 3 cm of celery sticking up above the water.
  6. Set the other celery stick on the counter to dry for 30 minutes.
  7. After 30 minutes, place the second celery stick into the second glass of coloured water. There should be at least 3 cm of celery sticking up above the water.
  8. Let both celery sticks soak overnight.
  9. Observe what happens over the next two days.


Water is very important for plants. They use it for photosynthesis in their leaves to make their own food. The water that is used up in the leaves is taken from the soil and moves up through the plants – defying gravity! This movement of water in plants is called “transpiration”.

In this experiment, you can observe the water movement by tracking the coloured water in your celery. Do you think water movement in plants works better in dry or wet plants?

You can watch a short video with this experiment here:


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